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Burger Wars

And the winner for Elkhart County is…  

Stella Moo Burger

The Stella Moo Burger at the Flippin’ Cow!

1st Place

Stella Moo Burger
Flippin Cow, Elkhart
51330 SR 19 |  574.266.0606

The Flippin Cow is known for its steak burgers. Two of the most popular being The Cheesy Uncle (flavored with smoked bacon & Mac-n-Cheese) and the Hangover. (Topped with smoked bacon, eggs & potatoes) But the odds-on favorite is the Stella Moo. It starts with a double steak burger “hand-pattied” (that process is pretty important in the burger world) then stacked with smoked brisket, smoked bacon, melted pepper jack cheese, onion straws, and alehouse BBQ sauce slid into a toasted wheat brioche bun.  Fun Fact:  You can get here by car or boat  – it’s on the shores of Simonton Lake.

The worthy competitors:

Grilled Cheese & Burger
Miles Lab, Elkhart
3763 East Jackson Boulevard | 574.294.6000

Smokehouse Burger
Five Star Dive Bar, Elkhart
561-A East Jackson Boulevard | 574.294.7500

Heinnies, Elkhart
1743 W. Lusher Avenue, Elkhart  |  574.522.9101

Pesto Burger
Constant Spring, Goshen
219 South Main Street  |  574.533.3302

Mushroom & Swiss Burger
Sports Time Family Pub & Grill, Elkhart
56199 Parkway Avenue  |  574.970.5940

New England Cheeseburger
South Side Soda, Goshen
1122 S Main Street |  574.534.3790

The Big Irish
Mccarthys On The Riverwalk, Elkhart
333 NIBCO Parkway |  574.293.2830

Burgers are just the beginning of delicious dining options along the Heritage Trail.  For more, click here.
Stay tuned for details on voting in the Regional Round of Burger Wars!




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