Board Reports

Accountability has become an integral part of the corporate lexicon. The Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau (ECCVB) must show how it is effectively using its resources to generate the greatest possible return on investment to the local community.

Tourism is a team effort and although the ECCVB is the keeper of data on industry- wide impact it also contributes greatly by its own individual efforts.

The following business plans and benchmarked performance measures are based on the activities and projected results of the ECCVB initiative. We are proud of our contribution to our stakeholders and our local community.

Partnerships and Return on Investment

Total number of ECCVB private sector partnerships – 713
Total partner dollars invested in co-op programs – $635,227
Public Relations Advertising equivalency: $215,289
$229,286 invested in Marketing and Advertising will generate $32 million in visitor spending
Travel Trade activities will generate $3.8 million in group visitor spending
Heritage Trail Audio Driving Tour distribution will generate $3.6 million in visitor spending

The Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Room Tax Invested = $1.7 million
Return on Investment = $39.4 million

For every dollar of room tax spent, there is more than an $23 return on the investment.
This Return on Investment is clearly and significantly generated through the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau sales and marketing efforts.

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