Adult Ballroom Dance Class

The Parks Office is now accepting registrations for Adult Ballroom Dance Class! Join in the fun of learning to dance to the Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing and many more, all the while keeping fit! All ages are welcome. A perfect opportunity to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer weddings and events.

Register with your friend, partner or spouse for our couples class or individually for our singles class. Two class levels are available: Introductory for those beginning to explore dance, Intermediate for those who have some dance experience and have completed our Introductory class. Instructor will determine dance level. Continuous sessions are available to use as further dance growth or to better serve your scheduling purposes; you may register for either or all sessions.

Cost is $25 per person.

Spring Session I: March 29–May 3
Spring Session II: May 10–June 14
Summer Session I: June 21–July 26
Summer Session II: August 2–September 6

Couples Introductory Ballroom: Tuesdays, 6–7 pm

Couples Intermediate Ballroom: Tuesdays, 7–8 pm

Singles Introductory Ballroom: Tuesdays, 8–9 pm

Location: Schrock Pavilion, 411 West Plymouth Avenue