Creature Feature • Gremlins at the Goshen Theater

The Goshen Theater and Art House are teaming up to bring you a ghoulishly good time with the Creature Feature Film Series!

The films will be shown at the Goshen Theater on the 3rd Friday of every month at 10 p.m., and are only $5 at the door!

The next film in the series is “Gremlins.” Feel free to dress up in costume for a chance to win some sweet film prizes!

Here’s a quick synopsis of the film:
A gadget salesman is looking for a special gift for his son and finds one at a store in Chinatown. The shopkeeper is reluctant to sell him the “mogwai” but sells it to him with the warning to never expose him to bright light, water, or to feed him after midnight. All of this happens and the result is a gang of gremlins that decide to tear up the town on Christmas Eve.