Here & There: Large and Small Scale Views in Photography at the Midwest Museum of American Art

This exhibit features an incredible sampling of world-class photographers who have worked or are now working in the United States. In this age of cell phone cameras and social media, the ability for anyone to participate as an image maker/chronicler of their time, is in sharp technological contrast to the careful and trained eye of the artists/photographers represented here.

Borrowed from a major private collection and enhanced with works from the MMAA Permanent Collection, this exhibit features works by Berenice Abbott (1898-1991), Clyde Butcher (b.1942- ), Nick Brandt (b.1966- ) Adam Fuss (b.1961- ), Jerry Uelsmann (b.1934- ), Bradford Washburn (1910-2007), and others. This is a must-see display of photography, some of which are as large as 40 by 60 inches, contrasted with small intimate images that must be viewed up close and personally. HERE & THERE represents timely moments captured in a variety of approaches in the global community of shadows and light.