Highlights from Cinderella and Repertory at The Lerner Theatre

See the fairytale Cinderella brought to life on the stage in Aurinko-Ballet’s highlights from Cinderella! See sweet Cinderella dance and clean while her stepsisters and stepmother prepare for the Prince’s ball! Be enchanted by Cinderella’s magical Fairy Godmother and the Fairies of the Four Seasons! Watch as the Prince is mesmerized by Cinderella during the Midnight Waltz at the ball! Be prepared to be dazzled by the dancing to Sergei Prokofiev’s score!

The repertory includes dynamic dancing with choreography by Dawn Deahl, Artistic Director-Aurinko Ballet, Dan Duell, Artistic Director-Ballet Chicago, and Gregory Hancock, Artistic Director-Gregory Hancock Dance Theater. Enjoy classical ballet, contemporary ballet, and modern dance. With this much dancing and music variety, there is something for everyone’s taste!

Also available in a package with the Cinderella Tea event.