Inspirations at the Blue Gate Theatre

A household name in any musical genre, the Inspirations are models of consistency in the Southern Gospel Music field. The Inspirations originated in 1964 when Martin Cook, a chemistry teacher at Swain County High in Bryson City, NC, and a few of his students and friends held nightly singing sessions in the basement of his home, purely for fun. Two year later (1966), Martin, a lifetime singer of Gospel songs and an accomplished pianist, two of his high school students (Archie Watkins and Ronnie Hutchins), one of his former students (Jack Laws) and an eighth grader (Troy Burns) went on the road to sing in the big leagues of professional Gospel Music.

The Inspirations immediately took Southern Gospel Music by storm and have remained at its forefront since while achieving tremendous popularity and success. They make up a four-part harmony quartet with an unmistakable sound, striking the medium Of traditional Southern Gospel and country.

Originating in the heart of God, developed in His word and will, the Inspirations continue to spread the gospel through their music with enthusiasm, vigor and an unyielding dedication as they have since their formation.