Little Monets Creative Arts Class

Have your children ever painted with their toes, looked for shapes in the clouds, or made their own play-dough? We often want our children to grow up so quickly that we forget to encourage them to keep their imagination strong and alive. Around age 5 is when we really begin to see children’s art become more realistic, so this makes it the ideal time to encourage them with new skills around art and their creativity. In this six-week course, your child will draw and paint successfully with the right mix of individualized instruction, encouragement and motivation. We always expect the children to clean up their “creative area” after they’re done; sometimes this takes a bit of time at the end of class. Our hope is that your child will leave each session saying, “Mommy, I saw a dolphin in the clouds,” or “Daddy, it’s OK if I only draw a circle, as long as I make it the best circle ever!”

For ages 5 – 7 years

Class will meet at Rieth Interpretive Center.
Cost for the session is $55, which includes all supplies. Please have your child wear clothes for getting messy!

Winter Session:
Thursdays, January 14–February 18, 6–7 pm