Local Artistry on Display for the 2nd Annual ElkhartWood Showcase

Don’t miss the 2nd annual ElkhartWood Showcase at the Elkhart Environmental Center (EEC) for two weeks only, April 25 through May 6. The Showcase will feature artistry and talent from local sawyers and woodworkers, including furniture, art, pens and other items created from reclaimed urban wood. Each of the pieces is a one-of-a-kind item, designed to reflect the unique beauty and characteristics of the tree from which it was made. ElkhartWood is a partnership between the Forestry Division, the EEC, and a network of local sawyers and woodworkers. Through the program, logs from city trees are purchased for milling and woodworking, which keeps the product local and its unique history intact. The log sales fund community tree planting projects each fall. For more information, call (574) 293-5070. The EEC is located at 1717 East Lusher Avenue in Elkhart.