Lunchtime Live! Free Concert featuring New Horizons Band and Gemini at the Lerner

The New Horizons Band of Elkhart is a concert performing band of about 60 senior citizens. They played band instruments in high school and now are having a great time performing again.

Gemini. Music that’s out of this world! In 2014 Jim Stanton and Mel Williams began their mission to bring a new twist to Acoustic music in Michiana. By mixing two generations and two styles to cover songs no other duo would attempt! Covering music from the 50s to today with a blend of guitars, harmonicas and vocal harmonies to create Gemini. They play Springsteen to Dave Matthews and Led Zepplin to David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Their popular live shows have become a highlight of the local music scene.

The New Horizons Band will play 11 a.m.-noon. Gemini will play noon-1 p.m.