Color is both as basic as a box of crayons and as complicated as human history. It is part of everything we do from what we wear, to the mood of a meeting room, to influencing how we buy (and sell) things, and how we interact with the world. Color has extraordinary power. It even has the power to make advertising and marketing efforts more or less effective. Join us to explore how color intersects with marketing – messaging and application. Our featured speaker is Kate Smith, an international expert on color. You will learn: 1) Why there is more to color than meets the eye. 2) Have an understanding of the basics of color psychology and how colors evoke mood and emotions. 3) Show how colors work as a silent salesperson connecting a brand to their customers and impact the sales of products. This luncheon event is for anyone who wants to learn more about how color can be an asset in various aspects of marketing from advertising to PR. (Business owners, creative directors, marketers focused on branding or strategy, and more.) Non-members welcome!