Michiana Pottery Tour

The Michiana Pottery Tour includes more than 30 artists at six locations across northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The two day tour takes place on the final Saturday and Sunday of September every year.

We’re interested in promoting the Michiana region as a hub for contemporary ceramics. Michiana has been home to many clay artists for more than 4 decades. Its also a new home for many new and emerging ceramic talents.

Many of the participating artists are local to Indiana and Michigan, however several guest artists from neighboring states will also be participating. This tour is a great opportunity to view a wide variety of work and discover new local artists. Nearly all of the participants have lived or worked in the Michiana area at some point in their career.

Artists taking part in the tour include six stop hosts:

Mark Goertzen, Dick Lehman, Justin Rothshank, Marvin Bartel, Goshen Clay Artists Guild, and Goshen Youth Arts.

Invited and Participating Artists include:

Tom Unzicker, Zach Tate, Troy Bungart, Todd Leach and Stephanie Craig, Mark Nafziger, Keith Hershberger, Courtney Martin and John Geci, Todd Pletcher, the members of Goshen Clay Artists Guild, and more to be added soon.

There are six different locations on the tour, and several locations feature multiple artists. Most of the locations are in or near Goshen, IN. About one hours drive separates the two farthest locations.