Pericles, Prince of Tyre Presented by Shakespeare at Notre Dame Young Company at Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre launches onto the high seas of the eastern Mediterranean, full of music, magic, and pirates. Both fugitive and castaway, Pericles’ fate depends on an ultimate test of faith: before he can reclaim his family, his kingdom, and even the favor of a Goddess, he must endure the apparent death of those he holds most dear.

According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, “Pericles dramatizes the courage and heartbreak of refugees from ancient times to today’s crisis in Europe. The title character is the young prince of the ancient city of Tyre in modern-day Lebanon. He is forced to flee for his life and travels through cities in Turkey, Libya, and Greece in search of a home for himself and his family. His dangerous journey reflects many of the hardships that displaced persons continue to endure including shipwreck, famine, and the forced separation of families.”

Bring your picnic blanket, lawn chairs, family, and friends and enjoy the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival Young Company.