Plein Air Watercolor Painting at Defries Gardens

earn the joy of watercolor painting in a workshop led by local artist Emily Austin. Emily will share the fundamentals of watercolor painting and lead students in the creation of a plein air piece based on the scenery at DeFries Gardens.

Because much is up to personal preference, supplies will not be provided. Emily recommends bringing the following supplies:

A set of watercolor paints, at least 12 colors. Emily recommends buying the type of watercolor paints that come in tubes. Reeves is a good brand for beginners and Winsor and Newton’s Cotman Water Colour line is recommended for more experienced painters.

One or two brushes. Short handled brushes are best. Look for a size 4 or 6 round brush or a 1/4″ angle brush.

Watercolor paper block. 6″ x 9″ or 8″ x 10″. Larger sheets are good too, but smaller ones are easier to work with outside. Bee Paper is a good brand. Look for a set called a “block” or labeled as “bound” on all sides.

Pencil and Eraser.

Cup or jar for holding water. About one quart in size.

Lawn chair, blanket, or stool. Tables and chairs will be provided, but students may prefer to sit on the ground or on their own seating option.