The Go Rounds at Ignition Musice Garage

The Go Rounds are a quartet from Kalamazoo, Michigan that has become an influential force within the Great Lakes music community over the last 8 years. They have used Psychedelic Americana Pop, Twang-Rock & Jelly-Roll and [Increasingly Difficult to Describe] as placeholders intending to cast an umbrella over the sprawling landscape of their sound.

Accents of Roy Orbison, Harry Nilsson and The Kinks filter through elements of Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Crazy Horse, Berlin-Bowie and 80’s Brian Eno infused with a reverence for Emmy-Lou’s Wrecking Ball revival and an eye on the horizon for the blossom of yields to come.

Fingerpicked hollow body guitar makes space for slashing fuzz tones as down tempo, introspective ambiance opens into synth-led dance tracks. Spellbinding vocals weave lush textures through a field of deconstructed genres – a variegated sonic voyage – changing and returning like the seasons, flourishing and weathering the Beauty and the Fury.

The result is an experience that is at once accessible, engaging, evocative and surprising– the comfort of a sedan and the exhilaration of driving fast on a loose gravel road.