Triple P: Dealing With Disobedience

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – Discussion Groups last two hours each. Come to one, two, three or all four in the series. These groups are on the hottest topics in parenting: managing disobedience, managing aggression, setting good bedtime routines and how to have hassle free shopping. No matter which Discussion Group you attend, you will go away with a clear plan to handle these challenging but very common behaviors.

Join Trisha Lightfoot of River of Life Community Church – Elkhart Indiana for this session: Dealing With Disobedience. Parents will learn why children sometimes disobey and what strategies you can use to manage a child’s behavior by setting limits, giving clear instructions and, when all else fails, how to use consequences that teach.

Please arrive by 5:45 PM to check-in. Pizza and drinks will be provided to parents. Children will get snacks. When you register please list the number of children and their ages that will need child care. Please enter the church by the south entrance (nearest the Walgreens at the corner of Prairie and Hively). Register today at or call the church at (574) 522-2114.