Turkey Stampede 1 mile, 5K run or walk, 10K Run

It’s low key and affordable but a feel good community event.

There is nothing going on in the morning, so come out and get some fresh air. It’s not intended to be an all morning, long event. There isn’t an awards ceremony, just out, get some fresh air and them get back to your families! AND- every penny goes to the Faith Mission shelter in Elkhart.What a great thing for Thanksgiving! Help those who don’t have a home to go to!

The 5K route is through Green Valley neighborhood, which has lots of trees and nice homes! The 10K course will also add a section on country roads, and then meet up with the 5K course. The mile course will be within the Concord Mall area, so you will never be far from the action  and it will be fine for strollers!