Why People Buy: Crafting Messages to Change Behavior AMA Michiana

Many have experienced the bitterness that comes after someone says they need time to “think about it” only later to learn they chose someone else. This occurs at the corporate level in marketing presentations and pitches, but also at the personal level as students vie for jobs in highly competitive fields.
Why does this happen and how can you turn the tides in your favor with a message that is convincing and memorable? The key is understanding the roles of rationale and emotion as it pertains to decision-making. This matters not only for your business but your personal brand – how you market and sell yourself.
In this interactive talk, you will learn from a veteran marketer, storyteller, and animator how to influence and persuade with the right message.
In this talk you will learn: The ROI of effective storytelling/Motivators which drive decision-making/Elements which create persuasive messages