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Heritage Trail

An experience for all seasons

Let the Heritage Trail audio driving tour be your personal guide to must see attractions, special finds and behind the scenes glimpses of Amish life. Traveling along lively Main Streets and scenic backroads you'll find surprises at every turn and soon discover why it was voted the top USA Today Reader's Choice and editors of LIFE® consider it one of "America's Most Scenic Drives." Best yet, the Heritage Trail audio driving tour is absolutely free!

Quilt garden


Smell the freshness of spring along the Heritage Trail. Buckets of sap boiling down into sweet maple syrup. Rich soil being turned over in preparation for planting. The scent of warm breezes on line-dried linens. Blossoms just starting to open in local gardens. Learn more

Fresh blueberries and strawberries


Listen to the sounds of summer along the Heritage Trail. Live music drifting from outdoor concerts. Families laughing. The bells and chimes and excited chatter of a county fair midway. A chorus of hoof beats as buggies travel to markets brimming with produce. Learn More

Horse and Buggy


Taste the flavors of autumn along the Heritage Trail. A first juicy bite of an apple you picked yourself. Forkfuls of pies in so many varieties you'd never be able to name them all. The salty, garlicky brine of a pickle recipe that has been handed down for generations. Learn more

Winter scene


See the sights of winter along the Heritage Trail. The first snowflakes dancing from the sky. Sparkling lights and festive decorations adorning homes and shops. Cozy eateries filled with diners yearning for comfort food. Parks crisscrossed by ski and sled trails. Learn more

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