Historic Downtown Walking Tours

Seasonal beginning in May

Explore on foot the quirky backstories of history in downtown Goshen, Middlebury, and Nappanee. Experienced local guides lead you to the landmarks and share amazing stories of rivalry, bravery and intrigue.


Middlebury Tours

Gangsters, Saloons & Buggies on Roofs (Middlebury)

Historic Middlebury is full of surprises. John Dillinger was the most famous criminal in the U.S. in the 1930s and it is rumored he passed through Middlebury and even spent the night in a boarding house.

In Amish Country, it’s not unusual to see buggies everywhere; on the roads, at banks and grocery stores, even at Walmart, but on the roof! Hear these inside stories and secrets and more from a local with this tour of the Town Center.

Tickets may be purchased the day of the tour at the Middlebury Community Public Library, 101 E Winslow Street. For more information call 574.825.5150

Meet at Middlebury Public Library, Winslow Street Learn More

Trip Tip: Spend some extra time in Middlebury’s Town Center exploring the unique shops and restaurants.



Giant Toadstools and the World’s Fair

Take a guided tour through living history! The Krider family of Middlebury once captured the imagination of the world. This tour of the park that bears their name opens a window to the family’s nursery at the height of its creative powers. The natural beauty will take your breath away. You may even spot a giant toadstool. This tour is great for kids so grab the family and the camera or camera phone. There’s plenty of opportunities for fun selfies.

Tickets may be purchased the day of the tour at the Middlebury Community Public Library, 101 E Winslow Street. For more information call 574.825.5150

Meet at the Middlebury Community Historical Museum Learn More

Trip Tip: Take some time and explore the Middlebury Community Historical Museum and learn more about Middlebury’s historic past.

Tour Information

Tours will begin Wednesday, May 29 – September 26
Wednesdays, 10am – Gangsters, Saloons & Buggies on Roofs
Thursdays, 10am – Giant Toadstools and the World’s Far
Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm both tours will run
Other times available by advance request
Cost of the tour is $5 per person. Tips welcome.

Groups: Have a group of 9 or more people?
Reservations are required and can be made by downloading this agreement found here (PDF)

Helpful Hints:

These are walking tours. Please wear comfortable shoes.
You might want to bring a bottle of water
Tours go rain or shine. If it is calling for rain, you might want to bring an umbrella or wear rain gear
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour’s starting time.


Nappanee Tours



Discover Nappanee’s fascinating past as a local guide takes you to historic homes and store fronts while narrating the colorful stories. Meet at the Nappanee Public Library Upper Level Gallery.

Homes of the Kitchen Industry

Have you ever driven through Nappanee and noticed some of the beautiful homes that are speckled along US 6 in the historic east district? Ever wonder what their stories are and who built them? Homes of the Kitchen Industry takes you through this historic area where you’ll learn about the Mutschler, Coppes and Zook family homes, the history behind them and the men who built them.


Along Came Nappanee

Have you heard of Locke? When the B&O Railroad decided to bypass Locke and put the railroad in 3 miles south, the city of Nappanee was born. Many businesses and people started to migrate from Locke to Nappanee. Along Came Nappanee explores the feud between Nappanee and Locke, the businesses and people who moved from Locke to Nappanee and more.


Entrepreneurs, Pioneers and Trailblazers

Nappanee was built on the foundation of entrepreneurs and trailblazers. If not for them, Nappanee would not be what it is today. Entrepreneurs, Pioneers and Trailblazers explores Nappanee’s colorful history. The oldest family owned jewelry store, a bakery, Nappanee’s very own telephone company, Elkhart County’s largest general store and Nappanee’s first hotel along with the fascinating stories of the men and women behind them are included on this tour.


Demolition, Destruction and Revitalization

Nappanee’s downtown has seen many different looks and businesses over the years. Demolition, Destruction and Revitalization explores the city’s transformation. Find out what building burned to the ground. Hear about the Community Building, the largest gym in the county before North Side Gym, and why it was torn down and made into a parking lot. Learn how a “hospital” has seen many faces since its original beginning and about the original uses of some of the most popular businesses in Nappanee. You’ll also learn about Nappanee’s Fire department along the way and how they went from hose cart teams to the Smokey Stovers!


Tour Information dates and times to be announced.

Goshen: Details Coming Soon