5 Top Places for In-Home Amish Style Dining

In home Amish Style Dining

When people come to Amish Country they are often looking for a place to get a good in-home Amish-style meal.   Here are some dining tips and places that deliver a great in-home, family-style dining experience.

First, you need to come hungry.  An Amish-style meal is an all you care to eat, pass the plates of meat, vegetables, noodles, and bread affair.  Of course, there’s always pie involved.  So you’re biggest decision is going to be what type. It’s important to remember to keep portions small.  That way if you’re still hungry you can re-fill your plate instead of heaping it on all at once and making yourself uncomfortable even with your jeans unbuttoned (And the Amish are not wasteful, so it’s rude to leave a plate full of food.) Plus you need to save room for that pie!

Where to find Amish families that will serve in-home meals?  Here are five great choices.

Buggy Lane Tours.  Kenny Stutsman offers a buggy ride, farm tour, and an Amish-style meal at his family farm.

M & L Acres in Shipshewana.  M & L is the most recently opened in the area.  LeAnna Yoder is your hostess, and she and her family prepare a meal sure to please.

Miller’s Country Kitchen in Shipshewana.  Try breakfast, Thrasher’s Meal or a Wedding Dinner— their Bram Leigh Weddings & Receptions specialist – tasty and fun.

The Carriage House in Topeka.  Join Elaine Jones for a delicious home cooked meal in her pristine dining room. Elaine is a noted baker and her caramel sauce is worth every calorie.

Mullets Dining in Nappanee.  The Mullets are a staple in Nappanee and certainly know how to do it right.  Patrons always leave happy and full.  There number is 574.773.2140

It’s important to note to plan ahead to find out if there is room at the table. So phone, leave a message and they will get back to you. It’s a fun experience to go with a group of friends or just a few. You’ll meet new people as dinner companions and have a wonderful time.  I hope you get a chance to visit one of these families the next time you’re here in Amish Country.

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