After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving has become known as ‘black Friday’ to many shoppers and deal scouts. For those who enjoy heading out early hunting for bargains, our area offers LOTS of great shopping spots and all sorts of deals. However, I’m not really into the “shopping event of the year”. I’d rather put up my Christmas decorations and snack on the previous day’s left-over’s. more

I guess I’m old-fashioned. When I was a kid, there were no stores open on the Friday following Thanksgiving. If my family didn’t spend the day picking out our Christmas tree we’d often go to a park, assuming the weather cooperated. more

I remember one of my favorite things to do on the day after Thanksgiving was to see a movie if the theatre was open. Nowadays movie theaters cater to the post-Thanksgiving crowd. For folks wishing to escape the shopping rush but feel a little cabin fever, it’s the perfect day to catch a flick. more 

So if you’re not into shopping the day after Thanksgiving, this area has plenty of other things to do. Just call ahead to make sure places are open. Check out hours and phone numbers listed on our website

What is your favorite post-Thanksgiving Day tradition?
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