Andrew Skipper Visits the Cinnamon Stick in Middlebury

I love to entertain at home, and I also love when I receive an invitation to go to a friend’s house for dinner. There is something about being invited into someone’s home that makes me feel special. When somebody prepares a meal and opens their home, it is the ultimate act of hospitality and I feel it’s important to show my appreciation to them. Like many people, I was taught that when you go to someone’s house you should take a host/hostess gift.

I typically take a nice bottle of wine, and that’s fine; it’s also what everybody else brings. I wanted to look for gifts that would stand out because nothing starts a party out right like giving presents! Who wouldn’t love to see their friends walking through the front door with a beautifully wrapped gift “just because?” With numerous dinner parties coming up, I wanted to stock my gift closet with unique hostess gifts that, unlike a bottle of wine, would last more than just one night.

I headed to downtown Middlebury and stopped in at The Cinnamon Stick, a shop carrying women’s apparel, gifts, and home decor. They are famous for their gift wrapping too, so that was a bonus! The friendly staff pointed me in the direction of some very fun gift items that I had never seen before! I decided that a set of rubber wine coasters would make a perfect gift for an outdoor dinner party. They are something that’s useful and fun, two attributes that any gift at a party should have!

The important thing to remember when shopping for gifts is that it’s not about how much money you spend or how flashy the item is. It’s about the thought you put into it and the deeper connection you’ll be establishing with your friend by exchanging tokens of appreciation!

102 South Main
Middlebury, IN 46540
T: 574-825-7725
F: 574-825-3596

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