McCarthy's on the Riverwalk

I have been to McCarthy’s twice in the past week, so I decided I better blog about it.  The first night I was out, was Tuesday night.  I went with a group of people from work and it was the perfect evening for going to McCarthy’s.  We sat outside, and the wind was blowing just enough to keep the sun from being too hot.

On this occasion, I had the nachos and the pretzel fondue for appetizers, and a cheeseburger for my meal.  I loved the nachos.  They offered them Irish style, with crisp potatoes for the nachos.  That was a nice change, and the potatoes were not heavy.  The pretzel fondue is great also.  This is the second time I’ve eaten it, and I always feel like a little kid when I’m dunking my pretzel in the warm cheese.

The second time I was there was Sunday.  We came from church and went for brunch.  We had 4 kids with us, and they all behaved perfectly.  McCarthy’s gave the kids wickisticks instead of crayons and paper, and that is genius…even the adults played with the wickisticks.  We spilt a bowl of fruit among eight of us, and there was still enough to take some home.  The kids ate a short stack of pancakes and scrambled eggs, again, more than enough to take home.  My friend said that she wished she could make pancakes as light and fluffy as the ones the kids were eating.

I had the Irish breakfast, corn beef hash, bangers, poached eggs, and roasted tomatoes.  It was a great breakfast, and I can’t wait to eat it again.

So if you’re in Elkhart, don’t forget to try McCarthy’s for a meal or the Sunday brunch.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. If you have been there…what is your favorite menu item. Share it with us!

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