Quilt Gardens

May, they plant over 100,000 blooms
To quilt the gardens, as they choose.

Volunteers by the scores plant each flower to sew
Creating a masterpiece to burst into blooms.

People from all over the nation and globe
Come to look at the quilt gardens, enjoy and behold.
Beautiful blooms that form gardens all patterned with color
And each tells a story of the garden where they’re laid.

The weather affects them as no regular quilt would,
And critters enjoy munching on them at will (a hazard of the artform)
But no matter how wind-blown, or gnawed on, or drenched
These quilts weather it all in beautiful form.

So as you drive the Heritage Trail this summer, and wonder what should you see
Take time for the Quilt Gardens. You’ll be glad – so will we.

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