St. Pancake's Day?

Sometimes Valentine’s Day gets a little too much attention. OK, I’m a man and that’s my personal opinion, but let me explain.

I think it over-shadows another important event, National Pancake Month. If I had to pick between pink foil wrapped chocolates and a stack of fresh-from-the-griddle pancakes, I would definitely pick the pancakes! I’ve loved pancakes since I was a kid. My Mother used to make them from corn meal and top them with apple butter. They were fantastic – especially with the crispy edges! More

I’m not suggesting anyone ignore Valentine’s Day. Pancakes and Valentine’s Day work well together. You can show your feelings for that special someone by bringing them breakfast in bed – a plate piled high with golden pancakes. (Try making them in heart shapes for a bit of romantic flair.)  Or go to any of Amish Country’s pancake houses and order up their house specialty. Now that’s romance! More

How can you go wrong with pancakes? It’s like having dessert for breakfast! Valentine’s Day and National Pancake Month – what a match! So share some sweet pancakes with your sweetie this year.  Of course, adding fresh flowers or candy might be a good suggestion too. More

Would you choose chocolate or pancakes?

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