Thanksgiving Dinner in Amish Country

There are a lot of terrific cooks in Amish Country.  Most people living in Amish Country have grandmothers or moms who roast beautiful birds and tasty hams and wonderfully delicious pies.  Aunts and cousins help round out the dinner with delectable side dishes. Unfortunately, my mom lives in Texas and my mother in law does not like to cook.   My grandmother, who always made the best chicken and noodles for any special occasion is also in Texas.

And since preparing the whole meal overwhelms me, I’m grateful that some restaurants and stores know that people like me exist and work hard to make a great Thanksgiving meal for us.  From smoked turkeys to whole meals including dessert, these places offer plenty of options to create a fantastic Thanksgiving feast.

Amish Acres goes all out for Thanksgiving.  You can order a complete meal to take home, or you can dine in the restaurant on Thanksgiving day from 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Dining is first come first serve, and there are no reservations.

The Essenhaus makes a traditional Thanksgiving meal that you can pick up by November 23.  Just make sure you order well in advance.

Mattern’s Butcher Shop and Corner Deli offers fresh and smoked turkeys and hams.  Just make sure you order by November 17th.  They’re making pies too.

Old Hoosier Meats has fresh, frozen and smoked turkeys and hams for your Thanksgiving table.  Make sure you order the week before Thanksgiving.

South Side Soda Shop will bake all your pies so you can cross that extra work off your list.  Make sure you order by the 22nd.  And if you forget, they do make extra for that day—but there’s no guarantee.

I know my Thanksgiving will be great.  And knowing that my meal is from my local restaurants and butchers makes it even better.

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