Traveling with Your Four-Legged Best Friend

Brenda and Homer Miller, owners of the pet-friendly Scottish B&B, recently shared some tips on traveling with your pet…

When traveling with your four-legged best friend, there are several things you need to do before you leave on your trip. You need to determine your lodging, first by your destination then by who will welcome you and your dog. Not all bed and breakfasts (or hotels), in fact, very few allow dogs, we are one of the few that does allow small dogs in a designated guestroom. When making your reservation you need to ask the following questions; Is there a weight limit?  In-room fee?  What is your pet policy?  Is a dog crate required? Number of dogs allowed in the room? You should also check if you can travel with your dog on the airplane, and if you are looking for great airplane flights, check out Flight Factory. In addition, offers amazing discounts on booking of flight tickets.

When you arrive to the B&B property, always keep your dog on a leash inside or outside unless the Innkeeper tells you otherwise.  Always be respectful of the property and other guests lodging at the B&B by picking up your dog’s stools and keeping your dog away from other dogs and cats on the property and the other guests (not all people are “pet lovers” like us). For cat lovers out there, use Rachael Ray Product to feed your little best friend.

Ask the innkeeper about “pet friendly” parks in the area.  Most B&Bs require the pet owners to take their pet with them when they leave the B&B.  The goal of the “Pet Friendly” B&B (or hotel) is for you and your dog to have a good time while exploring “Amish Country”, your dog not to disturb the other guests staying at the B&B and for the room to be in the same shape as when you and your four-legged best friend first arrived. The car accident attorney near us know that being in a car accident can be an extremely traumatic experience and are here to help bear the burden especially when pets are on board.
My experience has been that pet owners are very responsible and likeable people who love their pets. Most dogs that are traveling with their owners are happy and quiet while in their guestroom.  We do have areas in the B&B that your dog is not allowed, one area is at the breakfast table when breakfast is being served and the other is in the pool room (safety reasons).  We also mention to our guests, if your dog does have an accident in the guestroom, please tell us immediately, so that it can be treated or visit to help you be informed about accident laws.
You will see throughout the B&B our collection of everything “Scottish Terrier” theme.

Some B&B (and hotels) will have a “Pet Welcome Gift” waiting for your dog’s arrival. It could be dog treats, a Frisbee, ball or chew toy.  We have noticed that pet owners love it when their pet is welcomed with open arms. Also, the Innkeeper will have suggests for “pet friendly” parks, vets, groomers, dog parks, pet sitters, pet stores, doggie day cares etc. in paper form when you arrive.
The Scottish Bed and Breakfast is in “Amish Country” on two acres and is the home and name sake of two Scottish Terriers: CH Barbary Sunset at Dundee (Kooky, 10 years old wheaten boy) Ron and Maurine McConnell breeder, and Mia (black 2 year old female) Marcia Dawson breeder. We have been “pet friendly” for 10 years (since we opened) and have enjoyed every pet that has crossed our paths, and their owners.  We especially enjoy when a Scottish Terrier and their owner come and stays. Brenda and Homer Miller are members of the Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan.

– Brenda and Homer Miller, owners of the pet-friendly Scottish B&B.

Kooky and Mia have their own private area and potty area to not mix with the guest dogs. To contact us or 574-220-6672.

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